Area 51 (alpha)

2 01 2010

This track is probably gonna’ make it to my album.  I’ve got 2 others that will need to be reworked that are also album material.  Well, this has been put together over a period of 2 weeks.  Spent a total of 10 hours studio time on it.  It’s just the skeleton, not yet mastered, and not close to complete.  But, since I intend on taking a 6 month break to study (teach myself) music theory, sound engineering, and mastering\mixing technique, I thought I’d put this track on ICE, and have thus released the alpha version of it.  You will probably continue to get practice sessions from me as I explore new techniques, but no more tracks for right now, Gw.  Well, what can I say??? -> The Flight of SpaceWalker is getting closer to getting on its way, eh…

Download @ SpaceWalker – Area 51


Voscillate THIS! revision 3

18 12 2009

updated.   Total work time:  8 hours, 35 minutes.

Lengthened it a bit, cleaned it up a LOT!

Let me know what ya’, thinks, eh…

download @ SpaceWalker – Voscillate This!

Voscillate THIS!

16 12 2009

Total work time till date:  4 hours 30 minutes…

download @ SpaceWalker – Voscillate This!

What I REALLY think about Voscillate!!!

15 12 2009

Put together in 1 hour, 57 minutes…

Download @ SpaceWalker – Voscillate This!

Voscillate (in Space)

10 12 2009

remix competition @

listen to the original @

Total worktime: 5 hours, 56 minutes.

Download Flux Pavillion vs. SpaceWalker – Voscillate (in Space)

One Day (David Latour will Walk in Space)

8 12 2009

There was a remix challenge @

Well, I put this together in 4 hours 4 minutes.  I don’t really care to clean it up, either…  Normally, I don’t care much for house (I guess that’s what this is), but decided to try it out…

Let me know whatya’ think, eh…  Download @ SpaceWalker – One Day (David Latour will walk in space)

Listen to the original @

15 minute practice session had me “Trip Harder”

8 12 2009

Hope you like this.  Just decided to let my synth, the Sylenth1 do all the work.  How can I say this – It’s Biological.  Download @ SpaceWalker – Trip Harder